Thursday, October 18, 2018

Is it okay to just come and observe a capoeira class?
Absolutely! We are welcoming of quiet observers for beginning capoeira classes. Observation of advanced classes is by invitation only.

Capoeira is too difficult for me / I am too out of shape, right?
Not true at all! Basic capoeira is very accessible and can be mastered by anyone of any physical condition, height, weight, build, sex, age or background. Necessary accommodations can be made in class to best help students to perform at their optimal level for their ability.

What capoeira class should I attend?
The beginner class focuses on basic movements, stretches, and exercises designed to build strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness, and confidence for students with little or no experience. Those who have years of previous capoeira experience with other capoeira groups should attend the beginner class so we can meet and learn about your experience level; please see our class info page for more information.

What can I expect from my first class?
Class begins with a 15 minute warm-up and stretch session to prepare the body for an aerobic workout. The remainder of the class is spent learning the ginga (the base swaying/dance movement of capoeira) and some basic defensive movements. Expect to be actively moving your body for the whole 1 hour class with 1 or 2 brief breaks. 

What should I wear or bring to my first class?
Please wear long pants that you can move well in (such as martial arts pants or sweat pants.) Capoeira is practiced with bare feet so plan to take your shoes and socks off. You may also want to bring a full water bottle for hydration.

What costs are associated with capoeira classes?
Classes cost $15 for each drop-in or, you may become a monthly member for $95 which includes unlimited classes. We often have special long term deals and discounts as well as promotional deals such as discounted instruments. Please ask!

I still have more questions. How can I answer them?
We enjoy and encourage interest and visitors! Please contact us at:
Tel: 503-227-8418
Or visit us at the Bahia Brazil Art Center:
2512 SE Gladstone St., Ste. 200
Portland, OR, 97202
For more detailed information on classes held at the Bahia Brazil Art Center, please visit our parent non-profit website: